“Visitgreece.com.gr” is a webpage that is a travel guide for Greece and the greek islands. The guide will offer a quick but detailed look into the areas of Greece. This page is owned and managed by the licensed (by the Greek National Tourism organization) travel agency Geotravel. Geotravel is based in Greece and its address is 2A Dionysiou Farazouli, Egio, Greece. The travel agency is operating since 2006 and since then it has advised and arranged the transportation and accommodation of thousands of tourists primarily Greek, mainly to the Greek islands, Mykonos and Santorini and mainland. Geotravel is in position to also cater for the needs of the overseas visitors and this webpage was created with 3 aims in mind.

   The first aim of the webpage is to provide a travel guide for the tourists that wish to visit Greece. The provision of a travel guide that presents in a short, but easy to comprehend way, every area of Greece is our aim. It is the purpose of the editor to provide the travel guide in English, German and Russian. The travel guide presents every region of Greece in an organized and similar manner giving the opportunity to the potential visitor who would love Greece travel to see what each region has to offer and decide where to go for vacation. There is a dialog box in which the tourist can engage in dialog with the staff of visitgreece.com.gr and ask questions and pose queries about the area that he wishes to visit. The personnel of Geotravel will try to answer all queries and if there is something we don’t know we will try to get back to you by e-mail and answer. It is the aim of the travel guide to facilitate the tourist in his experience in gathering information about Greece in general and in gathering information about the desired location that the tourist wishes to visit.

   The second aim is to provide a webpage in which tourism professionals can advertise their businesses and show the visitor what each region has to offer in terms of tourist facilities, this could be a café, restaurant, and hotel, rent a car or even a real estate business. Travelers visit the travel guide in order to get information about their area of interest and professionals can be advertised to the travelers by a banner that is a short presentation of their business. There will be several techniques for the banner creation according to the travel professional desires needs and budget. The cost of the banner will be kept low in order to give the opportunity to travel professionals to reach their target audience. Another reason that the cost will be kept low is in order to provide many options to the potential visitor. Many options of what each region has to offer in terms of facilities and businesses.

  The third aim of this page is operate as a travel agency under the operation of Geotravel and to provide tourists the opportunity to book their holidays or any part of their holidays. Geotravel can cater for ferry tickets, tours, accommodations and even airplane tickets to get you to your desired destination. Geotravel may cover any travel need that may arise for the potential traveler to Greece. It is our aim to help the traveler have a pleasant experience in Greece as carefree as possible, by making all the arrangements ourselves.

  In conclusion this page is created by the Travel agency Geotravel which is based in Greece and serves three goals. The first goal is to provide an informative platform to tourists in order to provide them with information for their greece holidays. The second goal is to provide a stand in which tourist professionals can advertise and present their business to their potential clients and the third goal is to carry out travel arrangements for everyone wishing to travel to Greece and the Greek islands and make their travel a pleasant experience with all their needs covered and all their worries taken care of.